Professional Windsurfer Ezri Heymans is very ticklish.

Hating to be tickled (although gifted with the ability to tickle other guys effectively), Ezri wanders the world in search of a solution to bankruptcy and homelessness. Disowned by an educated Netherlands family for excessive drinking, drug use, and an insatiable addiction to ganja, “Spike the Flying Dutchman” has sailed through some rough waters. Ezri has crashed and smashed, being bashed and thrashed.

Recently jailed and expelled from the tiny island of Bonaire, Ezri Heymans is featured on this website dedicated to what is both his passion - arguably, also, his only marketable talent - and dreaded weakness.

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Pro Windsurfer Ezri Heymans in The Swedish Tickle Car

Mr. Ripley Pisses on Pro Winsurfer Ezri Heymans in The Tickle Car

Pro Windsurfer Ezri Heymans - Shout Out to Dutchies in Amsterdam


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